For many small businesses, backup solutions and data recovery are the last of their worries. However, these are the very businesses that cannot afford to have severe losses of data or access to their computers. Problems can occur if there is a fire, power surge, theft of equipment, or a malware (virus) attack.

The good news is that we can provide a solution, up and running, in less than 30 minutes for many small businesses. For many small businesses there is no on-going cost, and more extensive solutions can be just over $100 a year.

At dataPipeline, we are now catering for the installation of online cloud storage. We can come to you, discuss your requirements, and implement a solution that allows you to keep your important data safe and available. We cater for everything from simple file-based backup, to more complex solutions that account for remote workers or confidential data.

If your requirements are more complex, we can provide a plan-of-action for implementing a backup solution.

Call or email us to talk about your requirements, and we can work with you on an appropriate solution.

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